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Judgment Day: One Hell of a Party

Posted by Brandon McKoy on June 19, 2008

I’m not sure just how many of you are familiar with the Terminator movie series, but a big company named Cyberdyne is taken over by robots too smart for humans, and said robots eventually destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust that would make Hitler shake in his boots. I was pretty sure that this scenario (however possible it may be) was pure fiction…until today. Familiarize yourself with the real-life Cyberdyne Inc. Not only is this company serendipitously named, but it’s flagship product is the HAL Robo Suit. Hmm…H.A.L…where have I heard that before? Wait a minute! Are you telling me that this Japan-based technology company has not only adopted the same name of the company in Terminator that eventually destroys the world, but it has also named it’s premier product after the infamous robot that went insane and tried to kill the entire space crew in 2001: A Space Odyssey? …Is this a joke? Are the Japanese trying to make Americans paranoid to the point of anarchy? Am I living in The Matrix?

Well, Cyberdyne is a real company, and the HAL Robot Suit is a real product. Both were originally fictional entities with a knack for destroying humans in an incredibly efficient manner. So what are we to make of this “coincidence?” Will the Japanese destroy all human-kind….probably. I mean, someone’s gotta do it. With the way things are looking (humans becoming increasingly alienated from themselves and each other, technology getting stronger and faster at a linear rate), we humans aren’t going to be dominant for very much longer. No one knows the limits to our technology, and for all we know Steve Jobs could be both the Key Master AND Gate Keeper of Judgement Day if he keeps making these smart-as-hell phones (can’t wait ’til the day my phone makes me breakfast in bed). Yes, technology is a great thing. It enables us to eradicate disease, globalize our economy, and reach past our own world into the stars. But, I ask you, do we really need the ability to watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” while updating the new Twitter account we just got with geographically tagged posts and pictures of our latest vacation to CERN, all while on the go?

I’ve quietly resigned myself to the fact that I will either die from the muzzle of a Transformer robot, or the flames of a super-comet/asteroid…if I’m lucky. I mean, it just seems inevitable, to me at least. With all of the various possible resources for our impending destruction, it should at least be interesting. As for me, I’m just gonna kick back, light one, and watch the show; cause it’s gonna be one hell of a party.


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